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Please note that Aria Devan writes steamy serialised contemporary romance. Each story is a novella and ends in a cliffhanger…

Book 1 - A night with the Billionaire NEW.jpg

What happens when you find out that your one night stand is your boss?

A one-night stand—that was all it was meant to be.

When I land my dream job as PA to one of the biggest hotel owners in Las Vegas the celebration leads me into bed with a stranger.

Sneaking out the morning after a mind blowing evening isn’t my greatest moment, but I don’t want the awkward small talk.


Imagine my surprise when I turn up at work for my first day and my one-night stand is none other than my boss and CEO of the hotel chain I’m working for.


My one-night stand is my billionaire boss and he wants me.

Sleeping with my Billionaire Boss copy.webp

Harlan Savage holds my future in his hands.


I worked hard to get this job. I've always wanted to be a personal assistant and now it seems as if all that effort is about to unravel. Maintaining a professional front is getting hard and harder, especially as his demands increase.


I should keep my distance, but Harlan isn't a man who likes to be dismissed. He has set his sights on me and I can't resist his charms.


It's only a matter of time before the whole office knows I'm sleeping with my billionaire boss.

Married to the Billionaire copy.jpg
Having the Billioniare's baby copy.jpg

Two lines on a pregnancy test is all it takes to change my life.


Harlan and I are in a good place, but a baby was never part of the equation.


He hasn’t even said those three little words every woman wants to hear, I love you, and now we’re having a baby because I’m pregnant by my billionaire boss.

Getting pregnant was an accident, but I never expected Harlan to propose to me.


He thinks it’s a logical step for us to get married.


I think he’s lost his mind. I love the man, but I’m not sure he feels the same or if he wants me because I’m carrying his child.


I have to make a decision as to whether or not I want to be married to my billionaire boss.

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