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The past should be left in the past. Just like the mystery man, who rocked Mia's world.

When Mia goes home for the summer to meet her new step-father, she gets the shock of her life...

Her step–brother is the guy who she's been dreaming of, her mystery man who she can’t forget.

When these two get together they explode.

But Hudson has a dark secret.

He’s a Kingpin. The drug lord. The man that nightmares are made of.

What happens when Mia finds out?

Will she run? If she does Hudson knows he will search every inch of the world to find her.

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Kingpin Series 3- Forever Love.jpg

Sometimes the enemies closer to home are the ones you have to watch out for.



Hudson’s world is rocked on its axis when Mia is kidnapped.
With a list of enemies a mile long, and barely any clues off where to start, Hudson’s got to figure out who’s brazen enough to take the one he loves.

As secrets are exposed and lies come to the surface, there’s only one thing that is certain: Hudson will go to any lengths to have her safe in his arms again.

Will he be able to find Mia before the time runs out or will the Kingpin bathe the streets with blood in vain?

Hudson and Mia's story finishes with this thrilling conclusion.


With their enemy still on the loose Hudson and Mia have the fight of their lives on their hands.


As the death toll rises, the need to protect their family becomes more urgent.


With danger lurking around every corner they find solace in each other until more secrets rock their world, and their future is now left in uncertainty.




Will Hudson reign as boss or will his enemy finally be his downfall?

Sometimes the past should be left in the past…
Eighteen months ago, I had the hottest one night stand of my life.
The problem?
She was gone before I woke up.
Imagine my surprise when I see her at my father’s home almost two years later.
My little Houdini thinks that just because we’re family, I’ll keep my hands to myself. She has no idea who she’s dealing with.
I run this town and the Brady Organization.
I’m the Kingpin.
And I always get what I want.


The Secrets That Bind us is the complete Kingpin trilogy from USA Today Bestselling author Brooke Summers.

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