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One night of passion leaves her professor wanting more...

It was meant to be easy, go out, have fun, and let loose.

Until Becky met him…

He took her breath away and gave her everything she could have ever wanted.

But when morning comes, she finds out that her dream man is a professor at her college, she’s left with no alternative but to walk away.

He knew the moment he saw her she was something special…

But she’s forbidden, off-limits, it’s against policy.

For Easton he doesn’t care. He wants Becky and he’s going to get her anyway he can.

Their night of passion has left more than a mark on their hearts…

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Snowed in with Daddy Stella Bella.jpg

She never thought she’d fall for the forbidden… 

Cassie returns home for the holidays for her internship.

Her new boss is gorgeous and completely off-limits.

Lucas Greenwood is married to her mother.

Cassie keeps her distance knowing nothing can happen between them.

Until a snowstorm leaves them stranded.

With the motel having only one room, Cassie and Lucas find themselves unable to deny their feelings.

What happens when they arrive home and have to face the consequences?

Now she’s having to deal with more than just the fallout…

valentine's Stella.jpg

Falling in love was never meant to be the plan…

Kelly loved Grant the moment she saw him, but he was never the one for her.

He was married to her mother, happily so.

Or so she thought.

A funeral hookup changes the trajectory of her life.

Pregnant, alone, and heartbroken, Kelly’s set up on a blind date.

She’s hoping for a quiet evening and some company.

Until she steps into the restaurant and sees who her date is.


Her mothers husband and the father of her unborn child…

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